Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Scarves for Katrina victims

Lastweek Cynthia and Kim announced they were collecting blankets and warm clothes for some Katrina victims who were still living in tents by the Spillway. I have an unfinished afghan that I am going to donate after it is finished but I knew I couldn't finish it in a day or two. So night before last I was thinking and I figured if I can't finish the afghan I can make scarves and hats. It doesn't take long for each one and I have a bunch of yarn. I not only have my own stash of yarn but I still have all of that bulky yarn from Laurie's mom. So I started making them and now I am up to 6 scarves and 5 hats. I am working on the 7th scarf. I called Cynthia yesterday evening and she said the people by the spillway are taken care of but there are more people in need of warm things so I will keep making them. Here are some pictures of the first ones I made. The picture of the hats isn't too clear.

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