Friday, August 04, 2006

Idea for purse

I have a couple of ideas for purses. The first is a purse like the blue purse I already made but do the star stitch row in a contrasting color and the beads will match the star stitches. The other idea is based on a little girls purse I saw in the shopping center. It looked like a small make up bag with thread motifs sewed to the front. There was no handle on it. I could make a round or small doily. Sew that to the front of a purse made out of fabric with a zipper on the top. There could be either 1 long strap of two short straps. The straps could either be made out of the same fabric as the purse or crocheted to match the doily on the front. If I do one I will put up a picture. Right now the 2 main things I am working on are the bear-ghan for Ayla and knitted cotton wash cloths for Katherine and Jeff's baby. I already made 4 for myself - 2 green and 2 yellow. I got blue for the baby. I'm not sure what color I will get next. I am using Cotontots. It is so soft. It is softer than Sugar 'n Cream or Peaches 'n Cream. If I were making dishcloths, potholders, or hotpads I would use one of those but Cotontots is better for washcloths. Expecially ones that will be used on a baby.