Friday, March 24, 2006

Celtic Crochet

This is a placemat from the book Celtic Crochet Home Accessories. I got the book from Annie's Attic. It's actually easier than it looks. It uses size 3 crochet cotton. I also made 2 potholders and 4 coasters. But instead of green, yellow, and white they are green, pink, and bridal white (kind of an off-white). I took a picture with the digital camera but it didn't come out very good. So, I put it on the scanner and it comes out really clear, you just can't see the whole thing.

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schcrochet said...

Very nice! Thanks for letting me know you had a picture, I couldn't invision what you meant. One of these days I must try to make something with the thread. It's sooooooo pretty. Keep up the good work.