Sunday, February 26, 2006

WIP's and PIG's

I made a list of all my WIM's and PIG's.

1. Mint green baby blanket
2. fingerless gloves for Stephen
3. Black & fushia suede purse
4. Thread tea set
5. Pale yellow doily
6. Fun fur Magic Scarf for Sam
7. Yellow & green afghan
8. Yellow booties

I finished the Mint green baby blanket last night.

I finished the yellow booties this morning. (No picture yet.)

Next, I will either work on the fingerless gloves, the black & fushia purse or the magic scarf. I ran out of the yellow yarn for the last square of the yellow & green afghan. I have to get another skein of that at Michael's.

Here are my PIG's.:

1. White baby hat

2. Yellow baby hat

3. Midnight blue afghan

4. Purple Microspun shrug

5. Purple Fun Fur Magic scarf for Vicki

6. Blue Fun Fur Magic Scarf for Katherine

7. Blue Fun Fur Magic Scarf for me

8. Pink & purple 7" squares (this should really go on the WIP list.)

9. More baby hats & booties

10. Blue rose doily

11. Lavender thread placemats

12. Pink hearts doily

13. Burgundy "Garnet Grandeur" doily from Crochet! magazine

I won't even begin to list all the WIM. So many projects, so little time.


schcrochet said...

This is really beautiful! It is made in one piece and a chart of skipped stitches or with squares? Really love it!!

schcrochet said...

WIP = work in progress?
PIG = ???
UFO = unfinished objects?

I'm not up on all the little int. abbreviations.

Pop over for a visit, and let me know what they all mean...thanks